UBC War Memorial Gym

UBC War Memorial Gym is home to the UBC Men’s and Women’s Varsity Basketball and Volleyball teams, as well as the various sport teams of the UBC Recreation leagues. The “classic basketball gym,” with seats above, and players below, offers a great opportunity for large spectator events to functions that only require floor level access. With a total of 15,000 square feet of space, War Memorial Gym includes the gymnasium, dressing rooms, both permanent and expandable bleachers for seating, as well as lobby and additional rooms as flex space. Events that have been hosted at War Memorial Gym include Varsity sporting events, pep rallies, coaches’ conferences and music events.


Facility Details

Gymnasium can hold up to 4 volleyball courts and features a main basketball court
Full service dressing rooms and showers
Public address system
Lobby area is over 3,200 sq ft, ideal for refreshments, exhibits, etc
On-site meeting space rentals available


Length of gym: 160 ft
Width (bleachers in): 94 ft
Width (bleachers out): 69 ft
Ceiling height: 31.5 ft – this does NOT include the speaker cluster that hangs down approximately 6 feet at the East end of the Gym.
Total Square Footage: 15,000 sq ft of floor space

Gymnasium Seating Capacity

Permanent Seating: 2,222
Expandable Bleachers: 600
Floor Seats: 40
Total seating capacity: 2,862

Meeting Room Square Footage

Lobby: 82’ x 40’
Room 100: 30’ x 30’
Room 206 & 208 (together): 50’ x 20’

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